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Heartland Racewalkers Officers 2020-2021

Elections were held in September instead of December due to Karen Swisher’s move to Wisconsin. The officers for the remainder of 2020 and all of 2021 are: President: Pat Durkin; Vice-President: David Eisenberg; Secretary and Clinic Director: Sunday Cavallaro; Treasurer: Pamela Felton; Past President: Alan Poisner. Other Board Members: Photographer: Maggie McCoy, Janice Kelble, and Lori Groom. We thank Pat Durkin for coming in as our “pinch-hitter” after the departure of our esteemed president Karen Swisher.

President Pat Durkin is starting her 8th year in racewalking and continues in her leadership role in HRW while continuing her athletic accomplishments as a racewalker and an outdoor adventurer. She has filled in as a leader of our stretching session and in providing technique instruction. She has kept the spirit of HRW alive during this challenging year.

Vice-President David Eisenberg has had an amazing first year in racewalking, achieving some very fast times in our virtual summer series and in the Kansas Senior Games. He has also been a very consistent supporter of our weekly clinics. We anticipate great things in the future for this rising star.

New Secretary Lori Groom has made an impressive start to her racewalking adventure by taking Gold Medals in the Nebraska, Kansas and Louisiana Senior Games. She is always out front in our Saturday morning clinics.

Treasurer Pamela Felton: Pamela is returning to the board after a few years off and is one of the most veteran of our racewalking family. She replaces Tom Oakes who has been our Treasurer for many years and has left our treasury intact. Pamela is a very loyal member of HRW and always lets us enjoy her Aussie accent.

Clinic Director and past president BJ Thornburg returns to the board as Clinic Director. BJ has been a member of HRW for more than 15 years and was President in 2016 and 2017. She has been a consistently supportive member and has shared her talents within the KC running community.

Past President Alan Poisner, a founding member of HRW, began racewalking in 1985 and served as President from 1996-2016. He has continued to support racewalking locally and beyond. He loves to compete, coach and support racewalking He has won many Gold Medals and set records at National Senior Game, State Games of America and USATF National Indoor and Outdoor meets. He took Gold Medals at World Masters Games and Athletics in 1999, 2011 and 2017. He was selected as the USATF National Masters Racewalker of the Year in the 75-79 division (2011) and in the 80-84 division (2015, 2017, 2019).

At Large Board members:

NWe welcome back Board Members Maggie McCoy and Janice Kelble who have maintained their consistent support of our club.

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