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Contacts and Officers:

Meet the HRW Officers for 2016

President BJ Thornburg has been racewalking for 10 years, loves the competition, and loves the fact that racewalking is an Olympic sport. She hopes to be a gold medalist before her racing days are over. Vice-President Pat Durkin started Race Walking in 2013. After many years of running, her knees and low back needed a break. She enjoys the technique of racewalking, competition and the club activities with a great group of people. Treasurer Tom Oakes is starting his ninth year as Treasurer and enjoys staying in shape by attending group walks. Secretary Carol Smith finds that racewalking is a discovery of potential, new technique, new friends and renewed good health. And, it's fun! Clinic Director Sunday Cavallaro joined Heartland Racewalkers in 2012 to learn the technique and to be surrounded by a supportive group of like-minded fun people. She enjoys racewalking both competitively and recreationally. Fitness wise, she also enjoys strength training and the outdoors. She has previously been a group fitness and Zumba instructor.

Past President Alan Poisner, a founding member of HRW, began racewalking in 1985. After serving for 20 year as President of HRW, he has decided to moved on to become Past President while continuing to support racewalking locally and beyond. He loves to compete, coach and support racewalking. He has won many Gold Medals and set records at National Senior Games, USATF National Meets and the 2011 World Masters Athletics Championships. He was selected as the USATF National Masters Racewalker of the Year in 2011 (65-79) and 2015 (80-84).

BJ Thronburg - President

Pat Durkin - Vice President

Tom Oakes - Treasurer

Carol Smith - Secretary

Sunday Cavallaro - Clinic Director

Alan Poisner - Past President

President: BJ Thornburg
Vice President: Pat Durkin
Treasurer: Tom Oakes
Assistant Treasurer: Steve Fraley
Secretary: Carol Smith
Homepage Editor: Alan Poisner
Clinic Director: Sunday Cavallaro
Past President: Alan Poisner

Board Members at Large: John Anderson, Charlotte Haupt, Karen Swisher