What are RaceWalking and Power Walking?

Racewalking is an Olympic Sport in which athletes at all levels can participate. Racewalking is a technique sport which can be a recreational non-competitive activity for fun and fitness or a highly competitive sport in which participants walk an incredible 7.0 minute mile pace in 50K races.

Power Walking is similar to Racewalking in that one foot needs to be on the ground at all times (to differentiate it from running), but unlike racewalking, allows a soft knee form. Power walking is being added as a new sport to the Senior Games in 2019.

Both sports can last a lifetime without the injuries that often occur with continued running or jogging. Come visit the Heartland Racewalkers and learn how to racewalk/power walk, walk with others outdoors and indoors all year long, and get personalized instruction at the Weekly clinics, monthly meetings.

Reasons to try Racewalking/Power Walking

Clinic Times

Saturdays at 8:30 AM

Monthly Meetings

First Saturday of the month, after the clinic


Near Jewish Community Center Tennis Courts
115th & Nall
Overland Park, Kansas
call for location help


Individual: $20/year (No shirt)
Individual: $30/year (includes one Heartland Racewalkers T-shirt)
Family: $45/year (includes two Heartland Racewalkers T-shirts)

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