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Heartland Racewalkers Officers 2024

Elections were held at our December annual holiday party at the home of David and Sandy Eisenberg and the following officers and board members were elected: President: David Eisenberg; Vice-President; Pat Durkin; Secretary: Sarah Justice; Treasurer: Pamela Felton; Clinic Director: Pat Durkin; Past-President: Alan Poisner. Other Board Members: Photographer: Maggie McCoy, and Charlotte Haupt.

President David Eisenberg has had an amazing early career in racewalking, achieving very fast times in the Kansas Senior Games and already taking medals in the Huntsman World Games and the National Senior Games in 2022. In 2023 he will be adding to his achievements in the USATF National Indoor Championships and the World Masters Games in Poland.

VPat Durkin, Vice-President and Clinic Director (and immediate Past President), continues her leadership role in HRW along with her athletic accomplishments as a racewalker and an outdoor adventurer. She continues the spiritual leadership of our club in the footsteps of Sunday Cavallaro. Her commitment to HRW is shown by her taking on the dual role of Vice-President and Clinic Director.

Secretary Sarah Justice returns to an office that she previously held a number of years ago. She earned a certificate of recognition for her 20 years of support of HRW at our Annual Meeting in December 2022.

Treasurer Pamela Felton: Pamela is one of the most veteran of our racewalking family. Pamela is a very loyal member of HRW and always lets us enjoy her Aussie accent.

Past President Alan Poisner, a founding member of HRW in 1989, served as President from 1996-2016. He has won Gold Medals and set records at National Senior Game, State Games of America and USATF National Indoor and Outdoor meets. He took Gold Medals at World Masters competitions in 1999, 2011 and 2017. He was selected as the USATF National Masters Racewalker of the Year in his age divisions in 2011, 2015, 2017, and 2019.

At Large Board members:

Returning Board Member Maggie McCoy (club photographer) is joined by Charlotte Haupt who comes back after a short break to provide her support, especially valued at our monthly meetings.

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